is a collaborative platform that helps citizens to send access requests to organizations. An access request allows a citizen to ask an organization what personal data they collect and process about the individual. The right to receive a swift, complete and understandable answer to such a request is guaranteed under European law. facilitates using the right of access, and promotes using the right as collective: to create a crowd-sourced knowledge of data practices in society. This increases transparency and helps restore balance in data practices among citizens, private firms, and public agencies. allows citizens to share replies to their access requests with researchers, and evaluate the reply quality. On this basis of this data, researchers can rank data practices across sectors and countries.

Publications & Contact

The project is currently in a closed beta. You can read about our research design; the results of our pilot study; and a follow up study after the GDPR.

We are currently working on openning up the platform with our partner projects. In the meantime, if you have any questions, you may contact us at h.asghari [at]

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